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I have teamed up with Fixers to create this website. Fixers is a charity which helps young people undertake projects that benefit other people. The name ‘Bite Me!’ represents my frustration towards, in my experience, the lack of support services in this area. It also has connotations of biting into food. The birds in the logo are taken from my tattoo, they represent freedom and recovery.




Sadly, it’s my experience that eating disorders are rarely talked about in this area of Scotland. I believe that raising awareness is not only key to challenging the stigma attached to eating disorders but can also reach out to sufferers. To do this we need to:


  • Educate the public to be more understanding
  • Provide more mental health awareness/information to young people/schools
  • Challenge myths
  • Let current sufferers know they are not alone




I want to see more support services in the Highlands and Islands through:


  • Setting up a support group for sufferers – face-to-face or virtually using Skype
  • Providing more support for carers/family/friends
  • Getting the professionals on board: making them realise the need for these services and the benefits of them


It’s my experience that Highland sufferers can currently only receive hospital outpatient treatment following a referral from their GP. Although the team and service provided in hospital here is good, and waiting times are much shorter than in many areas, we do not have other much needed services. For me, the nearest support group for carers or sufferers is in Aberdeen, about 2 hours away. Support groups are vital to ensure sufferers don’t feel alone and isolated. When you are a relative or friend of someone battling an eating disorder you may feel helpless, but meeting others in similar positions can provide some hope. Likewise, for any inpatient treatment, sufferers need to travel long distances which means recovery is even harder as they do not have their loved ones close by to visit. 




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Stacey Patience

Stacey Patience - The Creator of 'Bite Me!'

Stacey's tattoo

Stacey's tattoo symbolises recovery.

Fixers in the Highlands, Islands and Moray.

Fixers in the Highlands, Islands and Moray.